Proper Stemware

Having the proper stemware is crucial to experiencing wine at it’s best. When we owned our gourmet market we hosted several events with Reidel stemware to prove to our customers that it did make a difference in how the wine tasted. I have to say that it was mostly the men who were skeptical and were sure they couldn’t be convinced that there could be a difference and that their wives certainly didn’t need anymore stemware.

Event after event, we would eagerly watch and listen as they tasted the wine in a joker glass and then poured the same wine into a Riedel varietal specific wine glass. It was amazing! Every single time the men would tell their wives “we need these glasses dear.”


I don’t leave home without my Riedel Stemware. They travel everywhere with me. I couldn’t bear to waste a perfectly good bottle of wine in a less than perfect stem.


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