Walking the streets of Knoxville with my husband and two children we discovered we had a difficult decision to make. With so many great options to fulfill our need for something gourmet we finally settled on a place called Knox Mason. It had an interesting selection of farm to table offerings from house made Gnocchi to cured & smoked charcuterie. We ordered the deviled eggs, smoked duck wings and ham croquettes for starters.  The smoked duck wings were a favorite and were gone before I could shoot a photo! IMG_0222

Between the four of us we each ordered something different so we could get a good sample of the menu. Below is the House made Gnocchi with snap peas, arugula and spring pea pesto.IMG_0227

Braised Lamb Shank over polenta.

IMG_0229 (1)

Pork blade steak over grits and topped with sauteed kale and house cured pork jowl.


Cade’s Cove smoked sausage and white bean stew with fennel, carrots and Tennessee chow chow.

IMG_0230 (1)

Chef Sean (right) and Josiah


After dinner we ventured into a back alley to find a back door speakeasy we had heard about. The only way we knew it was the right place was the red light at the back door. IMG_0242

We entered and walked through the long dark hallway to a another door where we were promptly asked for our ID’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect but once inside the door we were pleasantly surprised. It was a small dimly lit room with comfortable pleated leather sofa’s. The room was brimming with people laughing and enjoying mixed cocktails.IMG_0257

Kurt enjoying a Bourbon.


Amy trying a Vieux Carre.


We topped the night off with an apertif of Rose’ & Yellow Chartreuse.



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