Band On The Run

The thing I love about traveling is you meet people in the most unusual places. We were on the road in North Carolina when we turned off the highway into a grocery store parking lot. We pulled up behind a trailer with a young couple and their two dogs and the next thing you know we are talking about life on the road.


Scott Tyler and Mallory Graham have an Americana folk band called The Rough and Tumble.

They live full time in their camper with their two dogs Pud and Butter. They play 3-4 shows a week across the country in coffee houses, bars, listening rooms and any venue that pays the bills and keeps them on the road. We spent some time getting to know them over a coffee press and a floor full of pups.


Pud & Butter

What made them decide to go full time in a camper?

When an ice storm left them without power for 10 days they decided it was time to make a change. It just made sense to live full time in a camper rather than pay for a house they wouldn’t be in very often. It made life easier to be able to go back to their camper after a gig and be in their own home and they could travel with their dogs. Scott’s parents used to travel in a gospel music band so he considers himself a second generation traveling musician.


With very little kitchen space they have found ways to maximize their counter space with shelving and a handy cookbook holder. Mallory says she likes to prep their food for the road before they take off. It makes it easier to stop along the way and have a quick lunch.


What do they do on the road?

They love hiking and taking long walks. With no internet service or electricity they light candles in the evenings and find themselves reading more than they have before. Occasionally they will find wi-fi and stream movies until the battery on the computer dies.

Most of their time is spent looking for the next gig or finding a place to park the camper. Then, the best part… deciding what the meal of the night will be.


You can hear music by Scott and Mallory at and you can follow Mallory on her blog


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