My Brief Medical Hiatus

So, this summer did not go as expected. I began my new blogging adventure in May and was so excited about spending the summer in Northern Michigan sharing my experiences with everyone. By early June I was experiencing some health issues that landed me in the hospital. I had an illness that took the entire summer to overcome and was unable to travel or blog for several months. I am happy to share that I have finally recovered and ready to get back to my adventurous life. I hope you will enjoy watching, reading and traveling with me as I … Continue reading My Brief Medical Hiatus

Thelma’s Fate

It was a wet and dreary morning in Mississippi as my husband and I rolled down the interstate on our quest to find a good hot breakfast. As the rains intensified we decided to exit the freeway and meander through the winding back roads. At the stop sign we noticed a restaurant through the streaks of the windshield wipers and with a slight hesitation, we turned toward the Huddle House. As we entered the front door the wet floor sign welcomed us with a friendly warning, although it appeared to be a permanent fixture, as the grease from the open … Continue reading Thelma’s Fate